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Address:   1909 Dwight Way, Apt. 3, Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 499-2075
Web site:


University of California, Berkeley
BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, May 2002
Upper Division Major GPA:  3.5/4.0

Coursework:  Operating Systems and System Programming, Digital Systems Design, Database Systems, Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems, Combinatorics and Discrete Probability, Programming Languages and Compilers, Machine Structures, Data Structures, Microelectronic Circuits

EXPERIENCE MediaBubble, San Francisco, CA (February 2003- )
Independent Contractor
  • Designing and implementing company intranet using PHP and MySQL, featuring:
    • Database-backed security with logging of page views and attempted logins
    • Sales lead database, personnel database, project snapshot database, expense reports, timesheets, and knowledge bank (all with search functionality)
  • Contributed to development of web site
    • Developed and executed test plan for American Bar Online project
    • Authored and revised documentation (coding standards, development plan)
    • Overhauled web site infrastructure and devised mirroring system for staging area
IDC Seagull, New Bern, NC (February 2003- )
  • Analyzed and evaluated Moen's SAP manufacturing system, including ERP planning and warehousing procedures
  • Assisted in planning of operations flow and designing for future warehouse
  • Facilitated communication between IDC Seagull's parent company and Moen
Edgewave, Tustin, CA (Spring 2000)
Software Tester
  • Stress-tested Net Trader software using Web Application Stress Tool and Astra LoadTest
  • Developed testing guidelines for future testers
Boeing, Downey, CA (Spring 1998 - Summer 1998)
  • Taught web design workshops to groups of Boeing employees
  • Co-developed workshop content and structure with senior web developer
General Purpose:       Python, Java, C/C++, sh/bash scripting, Scheme/Lisp
Database: SQL, JDBC, XML/XSD, Microsoft Access
Web: PHP, HTML/CSS, CGI, JSP, Apache, Tomcat
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows NT4/2000/XP and 95/98/ME, Solaris
Miscellaneous: Qt, CVS, Xilinx FPGA
Spoken Languages: Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
  • Designed and implemented a hardware controller and user interface to CD-ROM drive for use as audio CD player (Xilinx FPGA and software, Windows 2000)
  • Designed and implemented an operating system (NACHOS) with thread management, multiprogramming, virtual memory, and networking capabilities (Java, Solaris)