2012-05-03, 11:53 p.m.:  Lesson of the day: Do NOT have umask set to 077 when using pip to install a Python package.

2004-05-21, 2:24 p.m.:  I bought a Q-Stor 4-port USB 1.1 hub recently.  It's not powered by an AC adapter, so I was worried about some of my USB devices working it it. It ended up working out fine, though. I currently have an optical mouse, a self-powered scanner, and a self-powered Palm cradle attached to it. Before, I had to unplug and replug USB devices all the time. Now I have two extra USB slots with all my devices plugged in.

2004-05-20, 8:06 a.m.:  After doing some web programming with PHP/MySQL for a while, I've come to see some of Python's shortcomings.  Python's documentation isn't as great as I always thought it was.  The layout of PHP's documentation is much more intuitive, and it's great that it's available as a Windows .CHM help file.

Another shortcoming of Python is that it doesn't have a built-in MySQL module.  I can see why they might not want to build in the MySQL module, but pragmatically speaking, I wish they had.  PHP's MySQL functions are built in, so you know that you can access the MySQL database as long as the web host supports PHP.  With Python, on the other hand, you never know exactly which MySQL module the web host will provide.

2003-07-18, 2:36PM:  Updated my resume today to include everything I've done for the past few months.

2003-05-02, 10:54PM:  I noticed today that the comic viewer wasn't working and fixed the bug.  I'd used an absolute path to access a Python module and some paths got moved around, so I changed it to a relative path.

2003-04-18, 9:24AM:  Finally got around to migrating this page from OCF to my new web host.  Still lots to work on, but nothing should be broken.

2002-12-10, 5:30AM:  Since the mydomain.com DNS servers were down almost all yesterday (Monday), none of the email sent to any address in the kenthu.net domain was received.  Please resend them.  Thank you.

2002-11-21, 2:55PM:  Whew!  I finally got everything to validate to HTML 4.01 Transitional today.  The big problem was that I was using tables for form layout and I was starting forms within a <td> element and ending them in another.  I finally found HTMLHelp.com's Web Authoring FAQ and discovered that all you need to do is put the <form> tag outside of the <table> tag.

2002-11-20, 3:34PMstartpage section completed

2002-11-19, 3:39PMresume section completed

2002-11-07, 5:47PMAlarmBot section completed.  Also, I got an email from Akop, an OCF admin, saying that they have no plans on installing mod_python, but that they're "experiencing some strange networking problems which could slow down CGI script performance this evening."  So I'll give it a couple of days and see if it gets any better, and if not, I'll have to move to static HTML.

2002-11-07, 2:53PM:  I noticed this afternoon that when the traffic on OCF's server gets a little heavier, it can take 5-6 seconds for each page to load.  I just sent an email to the admins asking them to install mod_python, but if it's actually already installed, I have no choice but to move everything to static HTML.

2002-11-04, 12:43AMcomic viewer section completed.  I still need to:  run everything through HTML and CSS validators and link checker; finish resume, coding, startpage, alarmbot, ssh client sections.

2002-10-31, 10:06PM:  I redid the navbar today.

2002-09-26, 11:33PMinterests section completed

2002-09-26, 8:29PMabout section completed

2002-09-26, 7:07PM:  I've been trying to decide between Galeon v1.2.6 and Mozilla v1.1 as my secondary browser (I use Opera v5.0 as my primary browser).  Here's what I have so far in terms of pros and cons.  Any suggestions?

    +++ crash recovery
     ++ can rearrange tabs
      + Google toolbar
      + opens in new tab if href target is _blank
        (Mozilla will open in a new window unless you middle-click)
      + can automatically save session on exit
        (although doesn't save windows history like Opera does)

    +++ can save group of tabs in bookmarks
    +++ can open links in background with CTRL-SHIFT-click
    +++ better popup avoidance
      + can save non-password form info

2002-09-24, 8:26PM:  I tried using CSS instead of tables for positioning, but I had a hell of a time getting this page to look right in both Mozilla and Opera.  I finally decided to just use tables for positioning, and since quite a few of my favorite sites use tables too, I figure it's okay.

2002-09-24, 5:32PM:  I'm starting to rebuild my web page today.  Here's the link to the previous incarnation.